Alwoodley Medical Practice outreach clinics

Harrogate District Hospital Outreach Clinics, across several different specialities, are provided from the brand new Alwoodley Medical Centre, Leeds, by clinicians from the Trust.

Alwoodley Medical Centre, on Saxon Mount, off King Lane, opened its doors in March 2016 in a brand new building.

This partnership between GPs at the practice and clinicians from Harrogate District Hospital and community services provides high quality services closer to people’s homes.

We’re very pleased to be working closely with GP colleagues at Alwoodley Medical Practice to provide these outreach clinics. This is a really positive partnership that brings important services into the heart of the local community.

Patients are able to choose to access services at Alwoodley Medical Centre, saving time and avoiding the potential inconvenience of a trip to hospital. People will still receive the same high quality, professional care as you would in hospital because it is the same members of staff providing the service.

Access our services by speaking to your own GP, or the receptionist at Alwoodley Medical Centre.

Services now running at Alwoodley Medical Practice:

Trauma and Orthopaedics – including shoulder surgery with Mr David Copas, knee surgery with Professor Nick London, and knee surgery and sports injuries with Mr David Duffy.Outpatient clinics are run for patients who need specialised treatment or surgical intervention. We provide individual care for patients with hip, knee, foot and ankle and upper limb concerns. We are a team of multidisciplinary professionals including ten consultants, registrars, senior orthopaedic practitioners and skilled specialist nurses.

Endocrinology with Dr Sutapa Ray
This clinic is for patients with suspected or diagnosed endocrine problems. Endocrinology is the study of hormones, and in particular, diseases affecting hormone producing glands. These are principally the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands, ovaries and testes. Conditions treated include Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, pituitary gland disease, testosterone deficiency, absent or irregular periods, Hypoglycaemia, Osteoporosis, Paget’s disease and more.

The Rheumatology team provides a wide range of services for the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. We care for patients who have, or are suspected of having, one of the 200-plus forms of arthritis. We are a team of four Consultants, three Nurse Specialists, one Research Nurse plus allied health professionals and support staff.

Our Gynaecology service is a team of six Consultants who are supported by Specialist Nurses and Healthcare Assistants. We offer outpatient appointments at Alwoodley. At Harrogate District Hospital we provide outpatient procedures in our dedicated Women’s Unit and offer gynaecology
day case and inpatient procedures. We perform a test of bladder function (urodynamics) in the Outpatient Department.

We provide radiology services, including X-ray imaging of the chest and bones of the skeleton, to support GPs and hospital clinicians to diagnose a range of conditions such as chest infections and osteoarthritis. We also provide ultrasound scans of the abdomen/pelvis and some joint scanning. Examinations are reported and results sent to the referring clinician usually on the day or within a couple of days if Consultant Radiologist opinion is required.

Audiology provides services for diagnosing and managing disorders of the ear. We provide hearing assessments and a hearing aid repair service for those patients who have previously been fitted with an NHS hearing aid from Harrogate District Hospital but may wish to attend a more local clinic. We are a team of Audiologists who evaluate, diagnose, treat and manage hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders in new-born babies, children and adults.

The Urology Department looks after patients with urinary tract problems. This encompasses problems with the kidneys, bladder and prostate, as well as scrotal and penile conditions. The department is a team of five Consultants supported by Specialist Nurses and Healthcare Assistants. Our outreach service at Alwoodley offers a general urological outpatient clinic and an outpatient hematuria service for investigation of blood in the urine.

Our specialist Women’s and Men’s Health Physiotherapy Team supports our other teams by providing individualised care for a variety of gender-specific conditions. These include Obstetrics, Oncology (post breast cancer surgery), continence issues, gynaecological conditions and recovery after surgery. This is not a direct-access service.

General Surgery 
The General Surgery Department provides a range of services to treat health concerns such as anal abscess, inflammatory bowel disease, haemorrhoids, hernias and gall stones. We are a team of eight Consultants, supported by associate specialists and staff grade specialty doctors. The team
provides services at Harrogate District Hospital as well as Outpatient Clinics at Alwoodley.

Ear Nose & Throat 
The ENT Department offers a wide range of ear, nose and throat services and provides specialist expertise on a wide range of conditions, including balance issues, hearing loss and tinnitus and tonsillitis.


Alwoodley Medical Centre
Saxon Mount
LS17 5DT


If you wish to access these local clinics you should speak to your GP in the first instance for them to make a referral.