Allied health professionals careers

Our patients have a range of needs, both in the community and in hospital, so our range of roles reflects this variety. Allied health professionals provide valuable support to our patients and work as part of wider multi-disciplinary teams to provide the best care possible.

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We employ a wide range of allied health professionals, including dieticians and podiatrists. Below are examples of some of the allied health professional roles at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust.

Occupational therapist

Our occupational therapists work closely with patients, relatives and carers to plan, develop and implement effective and appropriate rehabilitation plans. They work in both the community and in acute settings, with the opportunity for rotational roles to gain experience across different service areas. Find out more about being an occupational therapist.


Our physiotherapists are integral to our patients’ care and experience. Physiotherapists assist patients with physical problems, which could be caused by illness, injury, disability or age. Based in both community and acute settings our physiotherapists work with a range of patients and in a variety of our services, including intensive care, orthopaedics and elderly care. Find out more about being a physiotherapist.


Radiographers are a key part of our diagnostics team, working to diagnose patients’ conditions through a range of imaging techniques. Our busy Radiography Department provides a service to many different departments and services and caters to the needs of all patients. Find out more about being a radiographer.

Speech and language therapist

Working with both children and adults, our speech and language therapists provide patients with vital support in communicating. Find out more about being a speech and language therapist.