Community Heart Failure Specialist Nurse Service

The Heart Failure Specialist Nurse Service supports patients in the community with heart failure and helps them manage their condition. Patients who have recently been diagnosed with heart failure are closely managed in either their own homes or community clinics. We provide a patient-centred service, offering a link between the patient and their GP and cardiologist.

Community Heart Failure Service

Our service is based in the community and provides home visits, community clinic appointments, and easy access to specialist cardiology advice and investigation. We predominantly see patients who suffer with left-sided heart failure, as this is where there is the most evidence that we can help improve heart failure symptoms and the patient’s quality of life. We also support patients with palliative needs, and provide a close link with hospices.

We are closely linked with the main Cardiorespiratory Department via the Cardiac Nurse Team, and we meet with cardiologists on a weekly basis to help provide high-quality support and treatment for more complex patients. We also liaise closely with local GPs, allowing us to offer a fully integrated service.

In addition to this, we provide an education and expert resource for GPs and healthcare professionals across the Trust and Harrogate & Rural District.


We are based in:

Fysche Hall Clinic
Iles Lane


Patients are usually referred to the Heart Failure Specialist Nurse Service by the Cardiac Nurse Team, following hospital admission. GPs and other community healthcare professionals can refer patients if their symptoms are more difficult to manage.

Cardiologists often refer newly diagnosed heart failure patients for information on managing medication, support and education regarding self-management.

Key staff

Heart Failure Specialist Nurses: Sally Margerison, Liz Corbett and Tando Tshuma

Administration Support: Nikola Stephenson