Cardiac Specialist Nurse Team

The Cardiac Specialist Nurse Team provides cardiac rehabilitation support to patients following heart attacks, cardiac surgery, angina and coronary stents. We also see patients with heart failure and heart rhythm problems when they are in hospital, and refer them to community services as appropriate.

Heart attacks and heart surgery

When someone suffers a heart attack or undergoes heart surgery, cardiac rehabilitation is a very important part of their treatment. The aim of cardiac rehabilitation is to help an individual ‘get back to normal’ after what can sometimes be a very traumatic experience, and to reduce the risk of further events in the future.

We provide support to these patients for three months following their heart attack or heart surgery. We offer advice on risk factor management and lifestyle modification, as well as psychological support and access to a cardiac rehabilitation exercise programme. This support starts in hospital, and is followed by at least one home visit. We also offer appointments in the community and hospital clinics where appropriate.

We facilitate three cardiac rehabilitation exercise programmes: one at Harrogate District Hospital, one at Fairfax Community Centre, Harrogate and another at Ripon Community Hospital. After discharge, we signpost patients to the Harrogate Heart Support Group, a voluntary organisation which provides ongoing support and exercise groups.

Elective coronary stenting

Patients who have undergone elective coronary stenting are seen in a nurse-led post-stent clinic for assessment of symptoms, risk factors, and lifestyle modification advice. Following this, we refer patients to an appropriate exercise group.

Heart failure and arrhythmia

Inpatients referred to us by Harrogate District Hospital with heart failure or arrhythmia (heart rhythm problems) are seen by a cardiac specialist nurse, who provides education and information. The nurse will refer the patient on to community-based services if appropriate. We also facilitate a heart failure exercise group for patients referred by the community heart failure specialist nurses.


Referral to our service is via the cardiology consultants or a GP.

All our patients are given a contact number and have easy access to telephone advice throughout the working week. We use evidence-based recovery pathways and provide an individualised plan of care for each patient, with a named nurse taking over all responsibility for each patient. Patients can self-refer back into the service after discharge should the need for more support arise.

Patients who have attended Harrogate District Hospital but live outside of the local district will be seen in hospital by the Cardiac Nurse Team. They will then be referred to their local cardiac nurse specialists after discharge.

Key staff

Lead Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist Nurse: Sharon Davies

Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist Nurses: Karen Carroll, Tracy Patel, Carol Bagshaw and Chris Mander

MINAP (Myocardial Ischaemia National Audit Project) Data Collection Officer and Administration:  Michelle Culpin

Heart Failure Administration Assistant : Anna Degruchy

Administration Assistant: Judith Skelton

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