Children’s story

Your doctor wants you to see the childrens’ nurses and doctors at the hospital.

They will make sure you get the right treatment and stay well.

You will need to come to children’s outpatients.

Bring mum, or dad or your carer but leave your brothers and sisters at home.

We will meet you at the front of the hospital and show you to the waiting room.

If you have been before, you might notice we have had to make some changes.

We are the same people…

…we just look different!

Our waiting room is still bright and cheerful…

…but there are less chairs, less toys out and less people.

This is because of something called coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a germ (so small you can’t see it) that is making some people very poorly.

You can catch it like a cold through coughs and sneezes…

…and on your hands by things you touch.

Coronavirus can spread when lots of people are close together.

We have taken away lots of our chairs in the waiting room so that you are only sitting next to your mum or dad, and not close to other people.

Coronavirus can spread by touching things that other people with the virus have touched.

We are wearing gloves and cleaning everything…

…lots of times every day…

…and asking everyone to wash their hands or use the hand gel.

Do this when you arrive and before you go home to help stop the germs from spreading.

We have had to put some of our toys away…

…as there were just too many to clean!

We still have our magic mat for you to play on.

You can bring something from home to do, just in case you have to wait.

The nurses and doctors you meet will all be wearing masks, aprons and gloves and some will have visors (plastic windows over their faces!)

This is so they don’t give you germs and you don’t give them germs.

It helps to keep everyone safe.

Here are some other people who wear special clothes to keep them safe and to protect them.

We might need to weigh and measure you before you go in to see the doctor or nurse.

After you have seen the doctor or nurse, you will be able to go home.

We are sorry we can’t high 5 anymore…

…but we are still giving out our special stickers.

We look forward to seeing you again sometime!