Children’s Clinical Psychology for Under 5’s

Our paediatric clinical psychologist works with children and their families to help them with a range of behavioural and emotional problems, including anxiety and learning disabilities.

Our clinical psychologist, who works within the Specialist Children’s Services, will help children up to the age of five, and their families, if problems affect how they feel, think and behave.

The clinical psychologist will:

  • Talk to the child and/or parent about their difficulties
  • Think about why the problems have occurred
  • Think about how these problems are affecting everyone in the family
  • Think together about how to manage feelings
  • Explore possible ways to deal with the difficulties
  • Work with other members of Specialist Children’s Services
  • Give advice to other people, such as teachers
  • Use special tests, or questionnaires, to help provide more information about the problems

We offer appointments at the Child Development Centre, at school, at local children’s centres or at home.

Working hours

Clinical psychology is available in our Child Development Centre in Northallerton on Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Key staff

Clinical Psychologist: Alison Pritchard


Child Development Centre
24 Brompton Rd


Children can be referred to the clinical psychologist by a paediatrician or any member of the Specialist Children’s Services team that is involved in the child’s care.