Children’s Speech and Language Therapy

We provide services for children and young people who have difficulties with their speech, language and communication and/or eating, drinking and swallowing.

Speech and language therapists see children and young people who may have difficulties with:

  • Communicating their basic needs
  • Understanding spoken language
  • Expressing themselves in words, phrases or sentences
  • Speech sounds and speech clarity
  • Conversing and interacting
  • Speaking fluently e.g. stammering
  • Voice e.g. hoarse, croaky voice
  • Eating and drinking

Speech and language therapy

Speech and language therapists will find out what the child or young person is able to do and what he or she finds difficult. We will then diagnose what the difficulty is and explain if it has a special name.

We will make a plan to help with speech, language, and communication difficulties, or eating and drinking difficulties. We will help the child or young person to find the best way to communicate with others, and offer advice, support and training.

Speech and language therapists work with:

  • Children
  • Parents, carers and families
  • Nursery and teaching staff
  • Staff in children’s centres, social care and local charities
  • Other therapy and medical teams

Speech and language therapy is available in two localities, Harrogate and Rural District, and Hambleton and Richmondshire.

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Speech and Language Therapy offer training to parents, carers, education staff and other health professionals.

To enquire about training courses available, please contact your local Speech and Language Therapy team above.