School Age Immunisation Service

The School Age Immunisation Service is a nurse led service providing routine immunisations for children and young people of school age living in North Yorkshire, York, Darlington, Stockton, Middlesbrough, Redcar, Hartlepool and County Durham.

About Us

The School Age Immunisation Service is a nurse led service providing routine immunisations for children and young people of school age living in: North Yorkshire; City of York; Darlington; Stockton; Middlesbrough; Redcar and Cleveland; Hartlepool; County Durham.

The national immunisation programme is a national public health campaign which aims to give children the best protection against a range of infections and diseases. High level of vaccine coverage protects against preventable infection and disease.

We deliver the following immunisations in schools and community catch up clinics:

  • Flu
  • Td/iPV and Men ACWY
  • HPV
  • MMR – catch up opportunistically


HDFT use electronic consent for School Age Immunisations. HDFT share information with parents/ carers via Schools. The form is easy to complete via the link below. Please complete the form to let us know if you would like your child/ young person to have or not have vaccines. If you have any problems completing the form a member of our team is happy to help. If no form is returned, we may attempt to contact you prior to us visiting your child’s school to ask for consent. We always try to obtain consent from a parent or carer however if no consent form is returned young people can give consent themselves.

Parental consent is respected, however the decision to participate is with the child/ young person if they understand the issues in what the procedure involves. This means if you do not complete a form or complete with a ‘I do not consent’, the vaccination may still be given if your child wishes to have it.

Self-consent (consent given by the young person)

Young people can make decisions about their health and are encouraged to be involved in making decisions about their health and the care they receive including vaccinations. Young people who are Gillick Competent can have an assessment and give consent for vaccinations. We always encourage young people to discuss this with their parents.

Withdrawal of Consent

If at any time you change your mind and you no longer want your child/ young person to receive the vaccination it is your responsibility to inform the School Age Immunisation Service and School about the change in consent. We would encourage you to discuss this with your child/ young person so they are aware of the change too.

Electively Home Educated

All electively home educated pupils are invited to attend a community clinic to receive vaccinations.

If your child/ young person is electively home educated you can complete a consent form via the link on this page and use the following school code:

HD8888891 Home Educated City of York
HD888886 Home Educated Darlington
HD888885 Home Educated Easington
HD888884 Home Educated CLS
HD888888 Home Educated Stockton
HD888889 Home Educated Hartlepool
HD888887 Home Educated Middlesbrough
HD888883 Home Educated North Yorkshire
HD8888890 Home Educated Redcar

Online consent form

– To consent for  school vaccinations please click here.

You can find the school codes, dates we are visiting schools and clinic dates and venues below:

Darlington – click here

Durham – click here

Hartlepool – click here

Middlesbrough – click here

North Yorkshire – click here

Redcar and Cleveland – click here

Stockton – click here

York – click here

Makaton videos

Here are some short videos to support SEND learners and Makaton users with the vaccination process and use of PPE.

VIDEO – Makaton for PPE

VIDEO – Makaton for vaccine (injection)

VIDEO – Makaton for vaccine (nasal flu spray)

British Sign Language Videos

Here are some short videos to support children who use British sign language with the vaccination process and use of PPE.

VIDEO – BSL for vaccine (injection) and PPE

VIDEO – BSL for vaccine (nasal flu spray) and PPE


What is HPV?

The HPV vaccine helps protect against cancers caused by HPV, including: cervical cancer; some mouth and throat (head and neck) cancers; some cancers of the anal and genital areas; It also helps protect against genital warts. For further information please follow the links below:

3 in 1 teenage booster

The 3 in 1 teenage booster protects against Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio, this vaccine is given at the same time as Men ACWY, for further information please follow the link below:


The Men ACWY vaccine protects against Meningitis, this vaccine is given at the same time as the 3 in 1 booster.

Can you have 3 vaccines at the same time?

Yes, it is safe for your child to have 3 or even 4 vaccines at the same time.

If I have gave consent once, do I need to do it again?

You are asked for consent for each vaccination. There is a separate form for each vaccine.

My child is frightened of needles?

You can let us know on the consent form your child is anxious or scared about having an injection, the nurses will discuss with your child in school and allow time to discuss worries/ concerns and offer support. If your child is unable to access vaccines in schools we have community clinics where we can allow a longer time and parents/ carers can be present to offer support.

My child has additional needs?

Do not worry if your child has additional needs. The team are skilled in supporting children/ young people with additional needs. You can let us know about these on the form or speak to a member of our team if you feel there are specific ways we need to support your child.

What is Gillick Competence?

Gillick competence is  the  term to identify children aged under 16 who have the legal competence to consent, this includes consent  to immunisation, providing they can demonstrate sufficient maturity and intelligence to understand and appraise the nature and implications of the proposed treatment, including the risks and alternative courses of actions.

Where can I find out more information?

UKHSA Supporting Information – Supporting immunisation programmes – GOV.UK (

GDPR Factsclick here

I need help completing the form

You can contact us by phone or email and a member of our team will help  find the answers to your questions.

Telephone: 0300 003 2554.


I cannot find my school code

You can find your school code by following the link under school codes. Select the local authority in which your child goes to school for the full list.

Flu FAQs click here

Key Staff

General Manager: Carly Dodsworth

Service Manager: Helen Harvey

Professional Lead: Rachel Wigin

Locality Managers: Kirsty Britton; Sue Turner-Jones; Trudi Donovan

Contact Details

Tel: 0300 003 2554


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