Growing Healthy County Durham

A range of health professionals who aim to work in partnership with children, young people and their families to promote their health and wellbeing.

Introducing the new, enhanced 0-25 Family Health Service

From Tuesday 1 September 2020, the Trust will continue to provide the Growing Healthy Service in County Durham, as we have done since April 2016. We will be re-launching the service as the 0-25 Family Health Service in County Durham. This is part of a new approach to working with children, young people and families in our communities in County Durham.

For many children, young people and families, the Health Visiting and School Nursing staff and their teams who have provided the Healthy Child Programme service to you over the past few years will remain the same. We will be in touch with you in the next eight weeks to let you know if you have a new Family Health Visitor or School Nurse.

Key changes to the service

  • Our Family Health Visitors will extend their care until the end of Foundation Stage (Reception Year in school) and beyond when actively working with a family.
  • Our Family Health Visiting Team will offer ten routine Healthy Child Programme contacts up to the end of reception year in school, including to children not in education settings. This is three more than we currently offer.
  • Well Baby Clinics will change to a whole family approach of Community Based One Stop Shops, developed with service users and partners.
  • A new Health Exercise and Nutrition in the Really Young (HENRY) programme will be introduced in 2021 to support a healthy start and brighter future for families. This will mean there will be a whole 0-25 Family Health Service wider approach to supporting healthy weight. Families who have worked with our FISCH (Family Initiative Supporting Children’s Health) Team will receive contact from the team to discuss support from September 2020.
  • Audiology screening in Reception Year in school will no longer take place, advice about hearing concerns in children of all ages will be provided to families, schools and partners.
  • We can offer appointments between 8am-8pm to support easier access for young people and families, around school/college/work.
  • We will offer more access to advice and support through virtual clinics and a virtual nurse, to give more choice to children, young people, families and communities.
  • We will have a strong focus on children and young people’s emotional wellbeing and resilience.
  • Our service will be strongly influenced and developed with children, young people and families.

The Family Health Service team

The 0-25 Family Health Service team will include Family Health Visitors, Family Health Specialist Public Health Nurses, Emotional Resilience Nurses and support staff, who will be delivering on the Healthy Child Programme and early help and support.

We will meet with you in a variety of settings; family homes, and community settings including early years settings, schools and colleges. We will continue to offer enhanced support for children and families who have additional and complex needs.

Our team will support key transition points in children and young peoples’ lives. This includes starting school and moving into further education and adulthood. In addition, we will work closely with nurseries, schools and colleges to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people. We will continue to be responsible for measuring and weighing children as part of the National Child Measurement Programme.

We have formalised our service offer for young people with a special educational need (SEND) and/or disability and those who are Care Leavers up to the age of 25. This offer includes support for low-level emotional health issues, and support to access adult services.

Every school and GP practice will continue to have a linked Specialist Public Health Nurse to ensure communication and referrals into the service are easy and accessible, and all service users can contact us for advice and support on 03000 263538.

Access more support

If you have any questions regarding this change or require further information please contact our Single Point of Contact on 03000 263538.