Maternity Bereavement Experience Measure (MBEM)

Parent feedback questionnaire

Our team at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust are very sorry for the loss of your baby / babies. Please accept our condolences during this time and our gratitude for the time taken to complete this questionnaire, which we understand can be difficult.

This questionnaire is for women and their partners that have experienced the loss of their baby / babies during pregnancy or shortly after birth. Please give consideration to any aspects of the care you received before, during or following the birth of your baby, commenting on what was important to you, your partner and family. Please complete as much or as little of the form that you are able to, tick the relevant box for each question and write any comments you might have. Some questions may not be relevant to your experience.

All the information you share with us will remain anonymous unless you wish to provide your contact details at the end of this questionnaire. If you would like to discuss any aspects of your care, please contact the bereavement midwife: Alex Souchaud, [email protected] / 07741 700421.

1) I was cared for in an appropriate environment during and following the birth of my baby/babies.(Required)
2) NHS staff communicated with me/us in a sensitive way.(Required)
3) I felt confident in the NHS staff caring for us.(Required)
4) I was able to be involved in caring for and making decisions about my baby/babies.(Required)
5) I was fully informed about what had happened to my baby/babies.(Required)
6) I was given the opportunity to create memories with my baby/ babies in the time I needed without feeling rushed (eg photography, foot and handprints, washing and dressing my baby/babies, taking my baby/babies home).(Required)
7) I was given the opportunity to spend the time I wanted in the way I wanted with my baby/babies.(Required)
8) My family members and my other children were included appropriately in my care.(Required)
9) I felt that my baby/babies were always treated with respect and sensitivity.(Required)
10a) I was given information, guidance and support when asked about next steps for my baby/babies (such as whether to have a post mortem or not).(Required)
10b) I was given enough time to make my decisions.(Required)
11a) I was given enough information about burials, cremations and the costs if any, associated with them.(Required)
11b) I was given enough time to decide and make clear what I wanted to arrange/have arranged for my baby/babies.(Required)
12) I felt assured that my GP and community midwife had been informed of my loss before I left the hospital.(Required)
13) I was provided with all the contact support numbers that I needed at discharge from the hospital.(Required)
14) I was given details of relevant support groups, counselling services, organisations and websites.(Required)

We value the time that you have taken to share your thoughts and experiences with us.
Thank you