Community Midwifery Services

You will be allocated a named midwife but may meet other members of the team throughout your pregnancy.

Teenage antenatal care (Bumps2Babes)

Our Maternity Services work in partnership with other agencies in Harrogate to deliver a joint approach to care for pregnant teenagers and teenage parents. Bumps2Babes is a package of care to provide antenatal care and deliver a package of information and advice sessions around lifestyles, labour and delivery, infant feeding and other health related information.

The service is provided by a public health midwife and a targeted youth support advisor.

Further information is available from the Antenatal Clinic on 01423 553010.

Parent education

At each antenatal contact, information is offered about pregnancy and birth. At your routine 36 week antenatal appointment your midwife will discuss your birth plan with you.

A more structured format of parent education is offered in the form of parent education sessions -please ask your midwife for further information.There’s classes available in Harrogate District Hospital, Ripon Community Hospital as well as community locations.

Click here to visit the Parent education page

We also offer a hypnobirthing course run by qualified Hypnobirthing practitioners.

Home births

For some women, labouring and birthing at home is a more relaxing and positive environment.

If you wish to have your baby at home, the community midwives can offer you support and guidance to facilitate this opportunity.

Postnatal care in the community

Following the birth of your baby, community midwives will continue to support you at home. If you have given birth in hospital, a community midwife will visit you on the day following discharge to make a plan of care for you and your baby.

Similarly, if you have given birth at home, the midwife will return the following day.  After your initial visit a choice of location of postnatal follow-up care will be offered.

Working hours

Community midwives provide routine services daily 9am-5pm. We also operate an out-of-hours on call system for emergency services.


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