Support for Our Staff

Whether you have money worries or want advice on how to better manage your money, there are a range of places you can go for support.

Take a look through the following sections on this page:

Learn more about Humber and North Yorkshire’s Financial Wellbeing 1-2-1 Sessions 

I want to know about the #teamHDFT Cost of Living Package

  • Mileage rates which were increased recently will remain in place for this financial year (10p).
  • No reintroduction of compulsory car parking charges for this financial year.
  • Opportunity for staff to sell up to five days of their holiday entitlement during 2022/23, which will increase their salary. Staff can sell up to five days of their holiday entitlement during 2022/23, which will increase their salary. Click here to find out how to do this
  • Staff who join the Blue Light Card scheme will be reimbursed the cost (including current members). Click here to reclaim the cost of a Blue Light Card on EASY Expenses a guide on how to use EASY Expenses is available here – anyone wanting to be reimbursed should claim £7.50 (being a taxable payment) and this way you will receive the £4.99 cost net.
  • Re-opening of the staff shop – Colleagues are able to take items from the store that they need. There will be no cost for these items to colleagues, however those colleagues who use the store for convenience can make a donation which will be reinvested directly back into the store. Community colleagues across #teamHDFT can request items via [email protected]. Please request an order form. The Store will be open weekdays between 10am-2pm.
  • Anonymous email address for further cost of living support: [email protected]

The Hardship Fund – a one off grant of up to £500 – CURRENTLY CLOSED TO NEW APPLICATIONS

Recently, with the support of Harrogate Hospital & Community Charity, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust we opened our Hardship Fund offering financial support to individuals who find themselves suffering financial hardship during the current cost of living crisis.  Over the last few months we have received 545 applications for our Hardship Fund and have contacted everyone by email who has submitted an application. If you believe you have not been contacted, please let us know by emailing [email protected].


I want to find out about thrifty and quick food ideas

There are lots of sources of information about cooking on a budget including: How to feed your family for £20 a week: Eight tips and Feed Your Family for £20 a week to One Month of Family Meal Ideas on a Budget – Savings 4 Savvy Mums.

Local Food Banks can also help in provide short-term, emergency support with food during a crisis. You don’t need a voucher the first time you visit, however other times a referral should be made through organisations such as Citizens Advice, GP’s (contact your local Food Bank to find out who can provide vouchers).

I am worried about heating my home or paying my energy bills

National Energy Action provide advice on energy efficiency, heating your home and affordability of energy bills. Many areas also have local services such as the Warm and Well in North Yorkshire (also info below) tel 01609 767555 email [email protected]. Ask your local council if there is any support in your area.

I want to know if I am eligible for any grants

Many charitable funds (grants that do not have to be paid back) are available for people who have No Recourse to Public Funds – and cannot claim welfare benefits. Search Turn2us filling in the categories at the top of the first results page to get the best results. For example, Cavell Nurses’ Trust supports UK nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants, both working and retired. They can provide support when people are suffering a personal or financial crisis often due to illness, disability, domestic abuse and rising living costs e.g. money to repair or replace a broken cooker, to vital life-changing aid like helping a family flee their home due to domestic abuse.

I want to know about local schemes that could help me get hold of furniture/offer other support

Local Welfare Assistance Schemes through your local council may be able to help you get hold of items of furniture – as well as helping with other issues, such as debt advice, food and fuel poverty. 

I want to save money on things that I am buying

For information on staff discounts across high street and online retailers visit Staff discounts or Vivup

I want to talk so someone about support for my financial wellbeing

  • THRIVE – Your Thrive Wellbeing Conversation with your Manager is an opportunity to share anything that is affecting your wellbeing at work or home, including money issues
  • Vivup Employee Assistance Programme – If you need support with dealing with the stress of managing money worries call 03303 800658 (or Freephone 0800 023 9324) to speak to a professional counsellor in confidence or access Vivup – Self-help Workbooks
  • Vivup – Debt Advice – If you think you have a problem with debt – you’ve been struggling to meet repayments to your debts, missing bill payments or using credit to buy day-to-day essentials you can access online 24/7 debt advice
  • MoneyHelper NHS telephone support line (0800 448 0826; Typetalk 18001 0800 915 4622 – available nationally) – NHS employees can call this support line for free and impartial money guidance. Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm
  • MoneyHelper WhatsApp – Add +44 7701 342 744 to your WhatsApp and send the MoneyHelper Service’s national support team a message for help with sorting out your debts, credit questions and pensions guidance
  • MoneyHelper Webchat – Chat to one of the MoneyHelper Service team via their online portal.

I want to look online for tools and resources that can help support my financial wellbeing

  • Energy Efficiency – tips on what you can do to reduce your energy consumption and cut your bills.
  • Water – tips on how you could save money on your water bill.
  • Bill Prioritiser Tool – The consequences of not paying off some bills before others can be more serious. This Bill prioritiser can help you sort your bills and payments in the right order and tell you what you need to do if you’re struggling to pay before you miss a payment.
  • Budget Planner Tool – This free Budget Planner puts you in control of your household spending and analyses your results to help you take control of your money. It’s already helped hundreds of thousands of people.
  • Couch to Financial Fitness – Would you like to feel more in control of your finances?  Try this free and flexible ten-week plan to help you build your confidence to manage your money.  Develop core saving muscles, and create better habits for a long-term cash confident future.
  • Debt advice locator – If you’re struggling with debt, it can be hard to know where to turn. But with lots of free national and local advice services available across the UK, you can use this tool to find help in a way that’s best for you.
  • Debt and borrowing – take control of debt, get free debt advice, and affordable borrowing.
  • Benefits – Find out what benefits you’re entitled to and learn about Universal Credit. Or use this Benefits Calculator.
  • Budgeting and managing your money – Advice on running a bank account, planning your finances, and cutting costs.
  • Work and redundancy – Advice on understanding your employment rights, what in-work benefits you might be entitled to and how to handle redundancy.
  • Family and care – money decisions often need to be made when looking after family members and partners, expecting a baby, or dealing with problems like illness, divorce or bereavement. MoneyHelper has easy to understand guides to help you.