You and your family

Support to help you, your family and loved ones, including information around parenting and carer support

Support Available at HDFT for Family and Carers

Working Families and Carers Staff Network

  • Many colleagues juggle working with caring responsibilities either as a parent or carer for others. The network aims to create a safe space where people can get together to talk, take time out for them, share experiences, looking at the lighter side of our situations and find out about useful links and contacts.
  • Members attend our quarterly informal meetings and can choose to participate or just listen. We also have coffee and catch ups and regularly share information. There is no pressure to be involved, some members benefit just from hearing from others or reading the information we share to not feel as alone.
  • To create the most supportive network we need members so if you are interested in getting support, and helping others in their journey no matter how old your children are or what your caring responsibilities look like we would love you to join us.
  • Email us at [email protected] to join.

Carers’ Passport:

  • A carer is an employee who, outside the workplace, provides unpaid care for family or friends who have a disability, illness, addiction or who need support in later life.
  • Although most of us care at some point in our lives, it is also something that we are not prepared for and can come as a shock. It can be difficult to talk about some of these issues that you may not have raised in the workplace before.
  • A Carer Passport can be completed by any employee who has caring responsibilities which affect their work now or may do in the near future. It is a “live” document that is reviewed and updated when circumstances change, whether the demands of the job, or the nature of the caring responsibilities.
  • A Carer Passport provides a way to explain to a manager about a situation, so they understand the flexibility needed. Then if there is a change in manager or team, the Carer Passport provides a straightforward way to carry that flexibility and support into your next role, without having to repeat the same conversations. The employee owns the Carer Passport, but a copy will be kept on personnel file with permission

I Would Like to Know about Local and National Support for Family and Carers

Local Carer Support:

Carers UK:

  • Provides a local directory, helpline and online forum for carers, linking you with support and information whatever your situation. See the website for more information: UK | Carers UK

Citizens’ Advice:

To Access a Carer’s Assessment:

Children and Parenting Support:

  • Family Lives: Provides a confidential helpline (0808 800 2222, Mon-Fri 1.30-9pm) for support and advice with a parenting or family issue, an online chat
  • provides a confidential helpline, online chat and parenting advice and support.
  • provides a host of information on supporting the mental health of children and young people including a parents’ helpline providing phone, webchat or email support.
  • NHS services and support for parents, see: Services and support for parents – NHS (