Bowel cancer screening

The Bowel Cancer Screening programme offers screening from age 60-74 years of age.

The Harrogate Screening Centre manages the bowel screening programmes for men and women across Harrogate, Leeds and York.

Bowel cancer screening

If you are between the ages of 56 (as of March 2022) and 74 you will receive a simple test kit which involves collecting a sample from your bowel motion. We have a 4 year plan to reduce the initial invite age to 50 years of age using a specially designed prepaid envelope, you can return the kit to the laboratory for analysis. The sample will be analysed for tiny traces of blood and will indicate whether further tests are required.

If the results do show any blood, our team of specialist nurses will speak to you in a telephone clinic within two weeks. They will explain what the results mean, answer any questions that you may have and explain the next steps. They will assess your fitness for a colonoscopy in the Endoscopy Departments at Harrogate, Leeds or York.

The test is designed to indicate the possibility of the presence of bowel cancer and also to prevent this at an early stage by removing pre-cancerous growths, called polyps, from the bowel if they are found. By screening for bowel cancer, it is more often diagnosed at an early stage when it is more likely to be curable.

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Once people are aged 75 or over, they no longer receive the test automatically but can opt in by calling the free phone number 0800 707 6060.

What our patients had to say

“At all times the staff were professional, patient, helpful and understanding. A 1st rate service offered by the NHS.”

“A gold star service. I was made to feel relaxed and treated with dignity throughout the procedure. The support of staff involved was without question superb.”


We are based in Kingswood Surgery, Harrogate, although we work across Harrogate, Leeds and York.

Bowel Screening Office
Kingswood Surgery
14 Wetherby Rd

Key staff

Clinical Lead and Regional Director: Mr Jon Harrison

Lead Colonoscopist: Bjorn Rembacken

Programme Manager: Claire Whitehead

Lead Specialist Screening Practitioners: Melissa Mellis and Michele Worrall-Thomas

Specialist Screening Practitioners: Inger Lise Lingrasmo, Beth Noble, Kyra Piveteau, Elizabeth Hendy, Linda Smith, Victoria Pankhurst, Sofia Ali, Pip Simpson, Lisa Bishop, Jackie Frazer, Fiona Gilbert, Lydia Brown, Jodie Scholey and Esther Mukahanana.

Admin Manager: Kerry Fosker and Pam Blythe.

Administrators: Susan Bowdin,  Tracey Fullard, Jimmy Bent and Paula Tipping.

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