Macmillan Gastrointestinal Nursing Team

The Macmillan Gastrointestinal Nursing Team support patients who have a suspected or confirmed cancer within the gastrointestinal system. These include colon or rectal cancer, an oesophageal (gullet) cancer, a stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer. We also provide education and advice to patients and other healthcare professionals.

Gastrointestinal nursing

Our main role is to support and provide information to patients who have been diagnosed with a gastrointestinal (GI) cancer, as well as their families and carers. We often become involved during the investigation stages and at diagnosis.

We support patients with colon and rectal cancers through treatment and beyond. We provide follow-up care in a health and wellbeing clinic in the Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre for patients who have completed their treatment.

Treatments for patients with oesophageal, stomach, or pancreatic cancer take place at St James’s University Hospital, Leeds. However, our Macmillan GI Nursing Team may continue to provide telephone-based support to these patients.

The Macmillan GI Nursing Team is made up of two clinical nurse specialists and a cancer care coordinator. We work as part of the GI multi-disciplinary team (MDT), liaising closely with consultants and other healthcare professionals from Harrogate District Hospital and St James’s University Hospital. These include the stoma care nurses, who work within the Hospital and community, and the upper GI and hepatobiliary clinical nurse specialists at St James’s University Hospital.


Patients are usually referred to our services by hospital staff. However, patients do have the option of self-referring.

Key staff

Macmillan GI Clinical Nurse Specialists: Mel Aubin and Pippa Simpson
Macmillan Care Coordinator: Caroline Bolton

Useful links

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